eZAssess - Online Assessment Management System

Stay in Control
eZAssess gives you the power to manage assessments in a centralized place. You can create customized reports to give you a handle on statistics, quality control, and individual assessments

Find it Fast
With the eZAssess search forms, you can find what you're looking for fast. Spend less time looking for what you want and more time focusing on the information

Customized for you
Each eZAssess deployment is customized to your needs. This includes your assessment tools, your personal search forms, your terminology, and more! eZAssess is deployed with you in mind.

eZAssess makes it easy...

Data Entry
• Enter data quickly with popup boxes
• List all questions or break them into sections
• Duplicate existing assessments
• Color change unanswered questions
• Compare questions to related assessment tools

Quality Control
• Data entry checks and balances
• Requires a pre-defined number of answered questions
• Only 'complete' assessments are includied in reports

eZAssess Calculates...
• Scores
• Treatment Guidelines
• Referral Guidelines
• Critical Summary
• Profile Summary