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02/20/05     Banquet Business Blissful - zapSite™ Serves Up Simplicity

DCCentre's Home Page

By Susan Stern-Kohll - Independent writer -

An Omaha-based service business sought a simple way to instantly update website content, like an events calendar. Software innovator Cyzap reached into its portfolio - unveiling zapSite™.

With this tool, non-techie types can edit & publish content, organize and manage images, documents, and links. It's a time & money-saver for Pam Christianson, Chief Financial Officer, of the DC Centre , a banquet services & ballroom instruction facility.

Updating content takes a few minutes. "All I do is, log onto the site, put in my password, click what I want to change, and it's done, with the added benefit of not ringing up a bill each time," explains Pam.

zapSite™ is a complete content management & website publishing system - all using only your Web browser. It eliminates the need to buy additional software, like Microsoft Frontpage® or Macromedia's Dreamweaver® - frustrating programs for a novice user.

How does zapSite™ work? It stores programming and design info inside a separate database. So, content changes don't alter the website's outer shell - overall look & feel. Brand consistency is maintained.

It's the real deal. zapSite™ can make advertising, P.R. & marketing tasks more efficient. The user can create e-mail list subscriptions, instant polling, a press release section, announcements, & newsletters. On-line conference registration & payment transactions are available too. went live Dec. 2004. The consensus is positive. "Our customers are impressed. It's appealing & organized," observes Pam.

Endless benefits. zapSite™ technology allows room for this business to grow, cost-effectively. What's the CFO's next move? The executive plans to create a links page of "business partners worth recommending." It sounds like Cyzap and its innovative software will make that list.

Writer's Comment:

Each client is unique. This one chose zapSite for content management & minor page additions. Others use if for do-it-yourself website creation. Cyzap, along with graphic design & writer partners, developed To Pam, "Cyzap matched my expectations. We were on the same page, and they did it right! Let me say, in a service-based business, that's a rarity."

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