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09/24/15     ZapCertify 5.0 news and updates
August 2016: Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) Board approves ZapCertify Education and Provider Management System for automating its CE application and review process

Ohio Physical Therapy Association receives course applications from various education providers and approves them for continuing education. It had been searching for a robust and cost-effective system for managing its entire workflow. After evaluating options such as CEU Locker, OPTA board decided to go with Cyzap's proposal based on ZapCertify.

July 2016: Cyzap launches LSI-R and LSI-RV risk assessment system for State of Kansas

In Dec 2015, Kansas Judicial Branch had selected ZapCertify Risk Assessment System to allow all its counties to administer LSI-R and LSI-R-SV assessments. The system also included comprehensive profile and comparison reports and met Multi Health System's (MHS's) SDK requirements. After months of extensive testing followed by several on-site training sessions, the system was officially made live end of July. The system has made administering assessments paperless, allowed the state to ensure that all assessments meet a standardized quality control, and includes comprehensive profile and comparison reports.

June 2016: Florida Certification Board (FCB) automates its 20+ certifications through ZapCertify Assessment Management System

Floriida Certification Board had been evaluating ZapCertify 5.0 for several months as a possible replacement of its existing system. However, they were concerned that due to the number of certifications they offered, it may not be feasible to migrate to another system. After receiving assurance from Cyzap that it fully understood the complexity ot FCB's business model and could deliver within its proposed timeframe, FCB awarded the contract to Cyzap. By assisting FCB standardize its business policies and application process, Cyzap not only delivered the configured system to FCB on time but also performed full data migration and comprehensive staff training for conducting immediate day-to-day operations and handling exceptions.

May 2016: Cyzap completes Phase II of BOC's Provider Management System

as part of Phase II, BOC required its continuing education providers to have the option for submitting their Evidence-Based-Program (EBP) for review. However, the review process involved 3rd party reviewers assigned by BOC staff. Cyzap successfully automated the entire application and review process as per BOC's application and workflow requirements.

September 2015: Cyzap adds multi-user affiliation to ZapCertify 5.0 provider Management System and automates the Driver Testing process for National Safety Council-Omaha

Cyzap upgraded the SRR's education management system where any education provider can now setup multiple individual user accounts and give them the ability to conduct transactions on behalf of that provider. The system also ensures that each user is foriced to change their password every 90 days.

Cyzap also upgraded the class registration system for National Safety Council of Omaha (NSC-Omaha) to allow online driver education test and going completely paperless. The driving instructor can now score the test on their tablets and upload the results to the individual's profile in real-time. No more handing paper-sheets to administrative staff and then having to manually enter into the system. The entire process from registering for driver education class to scheduling instructor, to uploading scores and generating certificates is now paperless and streamlined and help NSC-Omaha meets its goal of higher automation and efficiency.

August 2015: Cyzap launches QA reporting system for Interagency Council of State of Hawaii

State of Hawaii had been conducting risk assessments for their offenders for over 10 years. While all the assessment data was being stored in a database, they did not have an easy way to analyze it for quality assurance (QA). Last year, their research division developed 7 QA indicators that they wanted to predict from all this data using any combination of date ranges and other search parameters. This not only necessitated data to be integrated from multiple sources but also the development of a reporting tool that would hide all the complexities and allow them to perform queries with ease. With limited in-house resources and limited funds, the executives were unsure how to make this goal feasible. One of their executives opportunity to see a demonstration of ZapCertify 5.0 software immediately recognized that ZapCeritfy's reporting engine would be perfect for their QA initiative. The project was launched as per schedule and the council has already engaged Cyzap into conversations about using ZapCertify 5.0 for managing their officer training records.

June 2015: Cyzap launches Provider Management System for Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOCATC)

The ZapCertify 5.0-based system enables BOCATC staff to track approval history of each provider and allow providers to apply online for approval and renewal, make payments, upload documents, and provide follow-ups. Cyzap is currently configuring phase II of this system that would allow providers to list their courses and live events, which can then be easily searched by credential holders for CE opportunities.

January 2015: Cyzap launches ZapCertify 5.0 powered compliance management system (CMS) for National Safety Council, Nebraska

The National Safety Council, Nebraska (NSCGOC) has managed the Omaha City Prosecutor’s Misdemeanor Diversion Program since October 2012. NSC has been using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to record fee payments, community service hours, random drug screens result, contact phone calls, and behavior class participation. Program eligibility and non-compliance letters are prepared and mailed out by staff. These administrative processes currently require considerable staff time and diligence and are not easily scalable. Hence NSCGOC commissioned Cyzap to develop a database solution to help manage and grow this program while reducing their operational costs by at least 50%.

Cyzap team configured its ZapCertify 5.0 software and built a comprehensive system that manages the cases from intake to completion in record time of 4 months. The administrative staff now simply has to enter the ticket information sent by the prosecutor office. The system automatically figures out the compliance requirements from the offense (type of class, amount of community service, and number of drug tests) and their fulfilment dates to stay compliant. With one click, staff can generate the invitation letters and program agreements. When the individual enrolls into  the program, system offers options for the payment plans and automatically communicates with the NSCGOC's class registration system to register them for a class. There is no double-entry and no chance of data-errors.

The CMS automatically keeps track of compliance requirements and changes the status of a case to non-compliant as soon as any compliance requirement becomes overdue. Staff can easily pull out non-compliance notices and take appropriate actions. Management can access real-time reports of how many cases are enrolled or non-compliant at any given time. Noting the success of this system, NSCGOC has already engaged Cyzap to develop the next phase of developing an individual portal where registrants can enroll themselves, pay online, and monitor their compliance requirements and deadlines.

Dec 14, 2014: International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC) selects ZapCertify 5.0 for their newly launched certification

IAHC has launched a new certification targeted towards their 30,000+ members who have graduated from their class and need to take an exam through Pearson Vue's testing services. They are still developing and refining their certification and recertification policies and hence they were looking for a turn-key software that can easily adapt to their evolving policies. Furthermore, they had already announced their exam dates and needed an up and running system within weeks. After evaluating ZapCertify 5.0 features and configuration options and consulting with Cyzap's recent clients, IAHC decided that ZapCertify 5.0 was best suited for meeting their short-term and long-term needs. The system was put into production on Feb 5th, 2015.

08/16/15     State of Kansas selects ZapCertify 5.0 as their Risk Assessment System
After 6 months of their RFP evaluation process and several demos, State of Kansas has awarded Cyzap the contract to automate their assessment management process. The ZapCertify 5.0-based system would allow correctional officers to assess risk level of the offenders using LSI-R and LSI-R-SV assessment instruments. The system will automatically perform data validations, score risk levels, and track assessments by date, officer, case, offense, supervision, and several other metrics. It will also log status changes, omitted questions, and send re-assessment reminders. The comprehensive reporting platform will enable officers to easily print profile and comparative reports with the options to show/hide certain sections. 

01/15/15     Cyzap launches candidate and certification system for Board of Pharmacy Specialties
Board of Pharmacy Specialties offers a wide array of advance certifications related to the field of pharmacy. Each certification supports multiple eligibility pathways such as residency route, degree route, and clinical experience route. The board also assesses annual maintenance fee and has unique recertification requirements that include CE, exam, or a combination of both. Some certifications allow CE to be self-reported while others only accept CEs from the approved providers. BPS also offers a one-time recertification extension and exam deferral options to its applicants. It is constantly evaluating new specialties and has been expanding by adding new certifications.

In 2013, BPS launched a rigorous RFP process in search of a credentialing management system and an IT partner that could not only meet its current needs but also have the flexibility and capacity to support its future certifications. After reviewing most of the vendors in this space, it selected ZapCertify 5.0 and awarded the contract to Cyzap in May 2014 with an absolute deadline of launching the system before their Spring 2015 window. Cyzap, with its milestone-based project management and agile developed methodology launched BPS’s system on December 15, 2014 - one-month prior to the opening of the Spring 2015 window. This one-month period allowed BPS staff to get fully comfortable with the system and ensure that all the relevant information was migrated from their previous database. According to BPS’s own acknowledgement, ZapCertify 5.0 has brought all their certification functions under one system, helped get rid of paper-documents and Excel spreadsheets, significantly reduced their manual workload, and is providing them with real-time reports that they could not generate before.

11/09/14     Cyzap exhibiting ZapCertify 5.0 at the 2014 ICE Conference - Booth 24
Cyzap will be exhibiting ZapCertify 5.0, its popular Certification Management System, at the 2014 ICE conference in San Antonio, TX.

ZapCertify 5.0 is a complete workflow and database automation solution for credentialing and education institutions hosted on our private and secure cloud infrastructure. Its includes feature-rich, configurable modules for

  • Application submission and review management
  • Multiple certification and eligibility pathways
  • Degree, License, Accredited Residencies, Work experience, Training, and Education tracking
  • Document uploads
  • Annual Billing, e-vouchers, and e-payments
  • Communication tracking
  • Exam eligibility submission, result processing, and retake handling
  • Integration with all testing companies
  • Online score reports, certificate, and wallet cards
  • CE reporting and Compliance tracking
  • CE approved provider tracking and management
  • CE provider application submission and renewal
  • CE provider course submission and renewal
  • CE provider course offerings tracking
  • Searchable CE and provider directory
  • Recertification handling and surveys 
  • Extension and reinstatement management
  • Audits
  • Personalized emails
  • Query, Reporting, and Exporting
  • Event and date-based status automation and reminders

11/01/14     Cyzap launches NCSN system for managing certifications and recertification
Cyzap launches the new credentialing database system for National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) to manage and automate their NCSN certification.

The system is powered by ZapCertify 5.0, Cyzap's leading certification management system. It allows NCSN candidates to submit their certification application, provide degree, license, and work experience history, attach transcripts and proof of license, and pay their application application fee. The system automatically selects a candidate for audit based on their background information and audit-frequency. 

Exam eligibilities of approved applications are transmitted to Prometric and Authorization to Test (ATT) letter are emailed to candidates in real-time. Once certified, certificants can download their online certificate anytime from their ZapCertify portal.

Certificants can also report their continuing education (CE) activities under different activity types . ZapCertify automatically tracks everyone's CE requirements and sends multiple reminders during the course of their recert cycle. When certificants are eligible to recertify, they simply have to submit the recertification application and paying the recertification fee online. Once the recertification application is approved, ZapCertify automatically extends their recertification cycle.

The customer support representatives have full access to every profile and their corresponding activity history. They can pull up application pending approval and use ZapCertify's dynamic query and reporting engine to generate financial reports, analyze exam results, certification, and recertification trends.

Gary Schmidt, director of operations for NCSN, had the following to say on the launch of the system:

Wow, just have to tell you how much I enjoy using the new version of ZapCertify.  I was helping a user log into the system for the first time and they needed their email updated which in made it necessary to change their username.  I made the username change in the back end and was pleasantly surprised to see the system kick out an automated email informing them of the change. As I work more with the system I see so many areas where thoughtful consideration given to how the system could be improved.  You’ve done a great job and just want to acknowledge and recognize the effort you put into the upgrade."





09/15/14     Cyzap adds multi-language support in its course registration system for Safekids
Safe Kids Worldwide offers National Child Protection Safety (CPS) certification to over 40,000 individuals. It has been successfully using ZapCertify to track and manage its certification process, which includes candidates needing to complete the course offered by its certified instructors. 

Due to growing international demand, this year Safekids decided that to offer its courses in Spanish and Arabic. However, offering the multi-language option required Safekids to modify its business policies and management workflow. These modifications had to be incorporated into its course registration system powered by ZapCertify. Cyzap was up for the challenge and it not only enhanced its system to handle these two languages but also built in framework to easily support additional languages that Safekids may offer in the future.

08/03/13     ZapCertify integrated with Salesforce
Cyzap's ZapCertify certification management system now can be configured to automatically transmit all the updated data to Salesforce using web services. This allows our clients the ability to have access to all the services provided by Salesforce and their affiliated vendors.

CCI - Competency and Credentialing Institute acted as the pilot for this integration and is seeing the benefits of the advanced query and reporting framework built within Salesforce as well as the powerful emailing features of ExactTarget.

07/01/13     ZapCertify Provider EMS launched for NMLS
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) goes live with ZapCertify Provider and Education Management System. The system allows NMLS to administer the entire approved provider and course application process and renewals with comprehensive e-commerce capabilities. Providers can also submit course schedules that can be browsed or searched through NMLS's website.

A key component of the system includes course completion reporting for credit banking. Approved providers can upload course completions via file-based rosters or enter them manually through the web interface.  

06/21/13     Recent feedback from our esteemed clients...

"Terrific! Thanks for the assistance and rapid response to address issues. We’re almost done and having fun!!"
  - Richard Madison,  Sr. Director, Mortgage Education, CSBS

"Thank you for your quick solutioning of this problem and expert partnership."
  - Elisa K.,  Director, Credentialing, GBCI

" Cyzap worked very fast making the changes.  Please tell Donna I said thank you! "
 - Molly E.,  Executive Director, National Board of Public Health Examiners

"I am constantly amazed at how much Raman has learned in such a short time and how he completely grasps all concepts of deferral. This piece of the puzzle would have been a nightmare to fix if it wasn’t for Raman. I think he deserves a Certificate of Mastery at the very least! 

Please know that you are always welcome to use me as a referral on the finance pieces of the CMS system."  
 - Laura L., CFO, Competency & Credentialing Institute

"Thanks so much! The last few weeks have been a blur, but I was finally able to wrap my mind around the process for uploading company names in order to affect bulk changes and it worked. This will be very, very useful for us." 
 - Arnold K., Continuing Education Manager, GBCI 

“Thank you for your time, patience and professionalism...  You provided excellent counsel and insured all relevant questions (to insure customer understanding and expectations) were asked and answered.”
- Bill L., VP Marketing & Merchandising, No Frills Supermarkets 

"Just received an email from the President of our CCI Board. He thought the re-certification process worked "slick". This is the best kind of feedback we can get from a "newbie" to the Cyzap system."
  – Katie N., System Coordinator, CCI 

"Hi Raman... Thank you for the reports you completed. My expectation was to only get the figures for the FTE's. What an unexpected gift. You are helping me in ways that you don't even know. THANK YOU!"
 - Cheryl M., ICIS Coordinator, State of Hawaii 

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