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zapManager creates a new paradigm for Customer Relationship Management applications. It takes the best features of "pre-packaged" products where you have a set of application modules providing the standard core functionality. It takes the best features of "custom" products where you work with a development company to create software specifically tailored to your needs.

zapManager merges the core application modules while incorporating a customizable framework capable of handling your special business needs. This creates a low cost and easy to use business solution capable of handling all of your business requirements.

  • Stakeholders maintain their own information

Using the secure login interface, your clients/members can easily access their information. They can update their information and keep it current. This shifts the workload of information entry and maintenance from your staff to your customers. This frees up staff time previously spent gathering and updating customer information.

Your customers can access the system anytime, from anywhere in the world. All they need is a connection to the Internet. They have access to their information, appropriate reports, schedules, events, and anything else, all without assistance from your staff. This frees your staff from answering customer telephone calls and mail requests for information. With zapManager, your customers can access this information directly.

zapManager contains a powerful communications management module. This tracks all the different communications with your clients, including telephone calls, office visits, emails, paper mailings, faxes, and personal visits. Your staff can quickly access the most up-to-date information while communicating with your customers. There is no time lag created while your staff searches for the latest customer information.

zapManager makes use of the application-hosting model, where any computer with Internet connectivity and a current model web browser can instantly become a workstation. This allows you to maintain a single application across multiple offices in separate physical locations.

Management personnel can log onto the system, using the secure login feature, from any computer, anywhere in the world. This gives them instant access to real time reports and information. Your information is always current, always up-to-date.

Cyzap’s state-of-the-art servers become your network. No more worrying about connecting workstations to the program or sending data across an unreliable network.

  • No software to install, update, or maintain

The zapManager application-hosting model offers you a faster implementation process. There is no software to install on your workstations, network, or servers. Cyzap performs application upgrades directly on the Cyzap server system. You never have to spend time installing upgrades, additional modules, or patches. This frees your IT staff from having to spend time setting up the application software and workstations.

Cyzap’s server farm consists of high-end servers utilizing Intel based processor, ultra-speed hard drives, and an enterprise level multi-tape autoloader backup system. Your entire application and data files are backed up every four hours. You no longer need to maintain a backup system locally on your network. No more changing tapes and struggling with difficult backup software applications.

Cyzap’s helpdesk professionals are courteous, patient, and well versed with the technologies they support. Each customer's situation is handled with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Your staff also interacts directly with the application programmers and designers. You receive guidance and support directly from the personnel most able to assist you. Online help, popup tips, and instructions are incorporated directly into the zapManager application. This makes ZapManager easy to use and understand, reducing the amount of outside support necessary for your day-to-day operations.

  • Your data is secure

Cyzap operates a secure data-center with high-speed and redundant Internet connections. All Internet activity passes through Cyzap’s Cisco PIX firewalls and is monitored by Cisco's Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Only standard and known services (usually HTTP and SSL) are allowed to pass through open ports. Other non-standard services must pass through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Cyzap offers variable pricing structures for zapManager. This allows you to select the most viable option for your business. ZapManager’s modular design and implementation allow you to purchase only the modules necessary to create an application capable of running your business. You don’t pay for application features you don’t need or don’t intend to use.

Cyzap maintains a separate development version of the application. This prevents you from experiencing problems or downtime during feature development. Cyzap can also setup a training system. This allows your staff to train on the same version of the software, in a real-time system, using a copy of real world data.

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