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Local Area Networking
Cyzap specializes in designing, deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting local area networks based on Microsoft® technologies. Our network engineers work with the customers to identify their requirements, then design the network to satisfy the current demands and address future growth. Special attention is paid to network security and appropriate policies are created and deployed with proper consultation with the customer.

We specialize in the design and deployment of high-end network servers. We have built and deployed complete server farms based on Windows 2003 Servers that have outperformed the servers from many of the leading suppliers of computers. The main key to the success of our systems is that each component is carefully selected and tested to ensure compatibility and optimum performance.

We also specialize in the deployment of thin clients connected to Windows 2003 Terminal Servers, which enable the centralization of management and security to allow for a lower total cost of ownership of computer networks.


Wide Area Networking
Wide Area Networking allows companies to connect their data centers in different locations to create a secure channel for data communications. With the vast acceptance of the Internet, the focus of many companies has shifted from creating private WANs to creating Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that allow the same level of security for the data communications while lowering the cost of connectivity.

Our networking division is experienced to handle any flavor of WAN design, deployment and maintenance. We specialize in data center deployments and consulting with ISPs to help scale their networks. We work with Cisco, 3Com and Lucent products to create robust and scalable WANs and are authorized resellers for the products of the above mentioned companies.

We have on staff Cisco Certified Network Professionals and Cisco Certified Design Professionals who are highly experienced in network analysis and deployment. They are trained to handle OSPF and BGP4 deployments and perform network management for several customers on a regular basis.


Wireless Networking
These days, Wireless Networking is fast becoming an important requirement for businesses. More and more business are choosing to liberate themselves from the bondage of data cables and enabling network connectivity from any point in their building using wireless access points. Some businesses are also using wireless connectivity to network separate buildings as long as they are within the radio line of sight.

Cyzap specializes in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Wireless LANs. We use wireless products from Cisco and Linksys to extend traditional networks wirelessly. Our engineers are trained to perform site surveys to determine the optimal location of access points in a building. We support the use of LEAP to enhance the security of all wireless installations.

Most installations have traditionally used the 2.4GHz 802.11b compliant hardware providing speeds of up to 11Mbps. But with the availability of 802.11g hardware, wireless networks can now run at speeds of up to 108 Mbps, thereby making them viable options to traditional wired networks.


Network Security
Network security has become an important consideration for all IS managers and Cyzap specializes in consulting with its customers regarding network security issues. We have a Cisco Certified Security Professional on staff who has extensive experience in the design and deployment of security components.

We specialize in performing vulnerability assessments and security posture analysis. We have extensive experience in deploying the Cisco PIX and Microsoft ISA firewalls. We also specialize in deploying AAA servers like the Cisco Secure ACS Server.

In addition to protecting against network security breaches and hack attacks, we have helped customers deploy virus protection policies that secure their networks from the threats of computer viruses. These policies include automatic periodic update of virus signature data files that keeps the systems updated with the latest recognized viruses.

Cyzap specializes in the deployments of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) using the Cisco VPN 3000 series (previously Altiga Systems) products and firewall-to-firewall or router-to-router VPNS. VPNs allow different companies or branches to have local Internet connections and then form encrypted tunnels between these locations for secure transfer of data packets. By using the publicly available Internet for their communications, the companies realize massive savings in their communication costs thereby allowing the recovery of their investment in the VPN hardware usually within months.


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